XIPHERS' Visual Identity
Visual Identity and marketing for XIPHERS Software
Company car design (backside)
USB stick (2 GB) containing the software
Corporate brochure
Page in corporate brochure
XIPHERS 7.0 Interface design • Login screen
XIPHERS 7.0 introductionmovie for new interface design
Working clock screensaver with XIPHERS logo
Banner for XIPHERS Radio
Photography style (used in all sorts of media)
Photography style sample 2
Direct mail october 2009 (memory game)
Display memory game
Direct mail Car key april 2009
"Solve your problems" - Direct mail - Part I
"Solve your problems" - Direct mail - Part II
Client: Matadex 
Product: XIPHERS ERP-software 
Agency: Matadex internal creative team
Personal role: Concept, Art Direction, Copy, Graphic Design, Webdesign, Interface Design
Year: 2009
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