Photomasking Tutorial
A simple and quick way to create the popular effect you see a lot in advertising and graphic design nowadays.
First, take a nice picture
Cut out the object (for better results, do not do this 'quick and dirty' like I just did)
Add your photo, for good and free HD photo's, go to
Create a clipping mask of the photo on the object. (right click on the layer -> create clipping mask)
Duplicate the cut out photo of the person and place it on top of all layers. Mask the full layer, except a small area of the face. Set the layer blending options to overlay (50% or so).
Duplicate the person again on top of all layer,. now mask only the face so you brush back some of the body. Set the blending options to normal and 100% opacity. Play around untill you like what you see.
For extra grungy effect, drag another photo (grungy paper texture) onto the image.
Set the blending mode of the new layer to overlay 50%.
Duplicate the layer of the paper texture and place it on the background too. Make sure you have grouped all layers above and set the blending mode of the group to overlay.
For extra color balance add a photo filter (I used a magenta photo filter, density 25%) on top of all layers
Sharpen the image and play around with the levels after saving the psd and flattening the image.
If you have done this all correctly, you should be able to change the clipping mask
to another photo and it should look great. 
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