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Create projects per Paint Job, make Moodboards and find inspiration.
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Create an account to: add paint jobs with a photo and describe your project, find colors, browse for inspiration, design a moodboard, sketch and color your room, find the suited paint for your job, calculate the amount of paint, make a shopping list and share your results with others.
One click sign in or sign in by e-mail.
Every Tool has a startup screen. This explains how to use the tool and what you can do with it.
Introduction of the 'Inspiring Photos' tool
Browse through hundreds of inspiring photos to find the color of paint you love.
Design a Moodboard with inspiring pictures and colors. You can also use the pictures you found interesting and saved from the 'Find Your Inspiration' tool.
Your shopping list contains products, colors and the amount of paint. You can start with a blanc list and fill it in or you can use products (with the exact amount of paint calculated in the Calculation Tool) and colors you save wile browsing trough other tools.
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Agency: www.105nl.com
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